Final 5 images

The time has come to pick my final 5 images …………., strangely not as hard as I thought it would be

I feel they are the best of the 7 that I chose originally. The have the best detail and they give the best range of different type of species (bird , primate , feline and large mammal )

Also upon looking at them all together , I have noticed the all have an orange brown colour some where in the image , the tiger has it in the fur , the marmoset ,in its eyes and fur , the elephant its skin , the lemur and the owl in its beak.

Though a happy accident , it bring the series together in an aesthetic way that I am rather pleased with.


Image order for book and exhibition

I have decided on an order for my images ,

Alphabetical , though not the most imaginative order for a set of images , when it comes to this project it makes sense. My book is supposed to be a academic book and with in these types of books the images wouldn’t be ordered based on aesthetics.

So for my book the images will be in this order,

Amur leopard , Amur Tiger , Asian Elephant , Asian leopard , Barn Owl , Black and white ruffed lemur , Black Tailed prairie Dog , Blue and Yellow Macaw , Derbyan Parakeet , Flamingo ,  Geoffrey’s Tufted-Eared Marmoset , Humboldt Penguin , Meerkat , Patagonian Sea Lion, Red Ruffed Lemur,  Yellow mongoose , Wild cat , Spectacled owl, Ural Owl and the West African Long tailed Horn Bill.

And for my Exhibition the order will be

Amur Tiger, Asian elephant , Black and white ruffed lemur , Geoffreys’s Tuffed – Eared Marmoset and then the Ural owl.

Book – Fonts

As Harry suggested , iv had a play around with the fonts that lulu can use

These are the only 5 fonts that don’t look either a bit cartoony or like I am trying to hard to make my text look fancy ( example old fashion scroll type text)

I don’t particularly like the Ariel fonts of the Century Gothic because the are fonts that are used to much , like Times New Roman.

I do on the other hand quite like Bembo and Gramond , they both look crisp and professional, like what you would see in an academic book which is the type of look I am going for. In truth they also remind me of the type of text created by type writers.

I have decided to go with the Bembo , though I like Garamond , Bembo is slightly thinner / crisper and has a tad more elegance to it.

The title of each page ( the name of the animal ) is in bold and a size 14 so it stands out

The scientific name of each animal (second line) is a size 12 and in the normal format , I originally wanted this in italics BUT everytime I do that all the text below it goes Italic as well no matter what I do .

For the rest of the text , the subject (ex Habitat) are in bold to highlight what each section is about with the rest in normal format. All of this text is in size 12. I normally prefer size 10 but I didn’t want the viewer to have to strain to see my text  and any bigger the text wouldn’t be able to fit on the page.


Book layout – LULU

Here is the new layout to my book , still text on the left and image on the right , but I have now changed it to landscape so the image can be larger and cover more of the book.

My first idea was to have the image covering the whole page

but seeing the crop lines I can see that parts of my images will be cropped , though this would be ok for some images and i wouldn’t lose to much information , with others such as zoomed in close up to much might be lost.

So I have shrank the image a little bit so I can keep the entire image. Also I like the white boarder.

Back up prints – university print buroe

I have also ordered a set of back up prints from the university print buroe, just in case my images from the print space don’t arrive on time.

Iv ordered a set of matt prints ( that were a fraction of the price compared to the print space ) though they may not be as good quality as the images from the print space , its good to have a safety net, also its an extra set in case the first set get damaged.

I just have to wait for a phone call or email to tell me they are ready for collection.

Ordering from the print space

I decided after we visited the print space in London that , that would be where I was ordering my prints from , I loved their C-type Matt prints and found them to be a good price price , especially since I don’t need to have them mounted or framed there.


Ordering prints is pretty simple for which I am glad , the first stage is to upload them on to the Print Space server.




The next stage is to choose the size  your prints, type of print (  C – type Matt ) and whether you need mounting / framing , I deliberately sized my images in Photoshop at 12×16 before I uploaded them , that way they didn’t have to be cropped when printed and I didn’t have to re size them at this stage. Also it meant I knew exactly what my image would look like when it was printed , so no nasty surprises.

I then clicked select all images , which applied my settings to all my images m which saved me from doing it manually.


The details of my order and the price are shown here ( above ),


I then had a choice of delivery methods , so I chose one of the quickest options to make sure that they arrived in plenty of time , just in case there was a print mistake and needed to be re-ordered.

An invoice was then directly sent to my -mail address.



Final (7) images for exhibition

I have settled on having five images for my exhibition but I’m Finding it hard to decide on exactly which ones to choose , so I have decided to print seven images and then decide which to use as my final Five once they arrive and I can see both the quality of my images and how well they go together.


The  final 7 ( soon to be 5)