Pdf Portfolio

Here is the portfolio of my work

lgreer photography portfolio

Though I have been involved in many genres of photography including , fashion, street, architecture ect , I plan becoming a professional wild life photographer there for I have to market my self as such. So my portfolio contain my work from my most recent project from my exhibition “Already Lost” and my work experience while volunteering with AWF.

I can see the advantage of having a PDF as a portfolio , it can be sent threw email , printed , deployed on social media and on to websites and blogs. It is also easier to edit depending on what type of job I am looking to get , pages can be quickly added/ deleted / altered  to create a whole new portfolio or just simply tweaked.

I wantes my portfolio to be clean and simple but not to boring I have added borders to each page to stop the plain white background from being to boring and have chosen two fonts that go well with each other and are not the standard Time New Roman or Ariel as these are seen way to often.

I did toy with the Idea of adding colour but I personally fell this is slight “cheesy” and as  my images are very colourful there was not a colour that would suit all of my images so I would have to use a different colour on each page which i would not have like because I want to keep a sense of uniformity in my portfolio.

For my borders I used diffenrent shades of grey in an alternating patten , I believe this works better that a stark contrasting black border and creates that sense of uniformity that I was after .


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