Setting up the Gallery

Over the past two days ( wednesday\thursday) we have been preparing the gallery for our exhibition. It began on wednesday with the task of sanding down the walls and painting the walls with two fresh coats of white paint. This took longer than expected as we noticed that not only the false walls needed new paint but the actual walls of the gallery as we could see that the top half of the walls had been painted with a darker shade nearer to grey than white but the bottom was very white. We then moved on to deciding where every one would go. Though we already had a scale model of the gallery and thought it was sorted some members of the group had not been able to provide scale models of there work so there were surprises when the real thing turned up. Also the false walls ( which my work is on )that were placed in the gallery were different to what we expected. We originally thought that each wall would be one solid wall but we found that in reality the wall was really to small walls placed next to each other with a gap in-between. My work was originally going to be my 5 images but as one would have to be laying over the gap , it was decided that I would but it down to four images and have two above the other two images , with two images on each wall ( image below) though I was sad to loose an image, I was lucky enough to be moved from my original place near the back of the gallery to the front near the door. Which means my work will be one of the first to be seen. After everything was decided and the paint was dry we cleaned the floor and began bringing our work in for the next day.


Thursday is when the hanging began and the stress mounted. We started my marking the wall with pencil to indicate where are images need to go and then began to hang our work. After this the day became very stressful , as my frames did not come with mirror plates only hooks on the back I was unsure on how to hand them as I didn’t think a simple nail in the wall would be secure enough so I decided to do what a lot of others were doing in the group and use Velcro that attaches to the wall and on the back of the frame.Small problem here my frames were very heavy so this ended with my first frame falling off the wall and smashing onto another frame. The frame of the fist image split into and the glass in the second was destroyed , After a second of pure panic I released I had a spare frame due to removing one of my images , so I had a replacement frame and glass. After a failed attempt to drill mirror plates into my frame , I began to panic more so I called in my partner, with his help we decided to go with the original nail in the wall idea but using three to make it more secure. I marked the wall and he hung by the end of the day my wall was complete as you can see from the images below.


Here is the time lapse from start to finish of installing the exhibition.


And here is my space. I am very happy with the result , it was a good experience and and I learned some valuable skills but I think in

the future I will not beattemptingthis on my own and make sure I can get help from someone who knows what they are doing.


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