Here is my old CV ( I can’t get the formatting correct when using wordpress ) , Sadly I missed the CV tutorial this week , which would have been very helpfull so I will do some research on C.Vs and I have also sent my C.V over to Liz Hollins for assessment and hopefully she can suggest some changes.

I have removed , my contact details ( phone number and address) for the blog version , though its great on a cv its not something I want on my.


Louise Karen Greer

Address: ################
Landline:  ########
Mobile: ##########
E-mail: louise_greer89@live.co.uk

Personal statement
I am a hard working and a punctual person that can work well within teams and on my own. I enjoy gaining new experiences and adapting to new situations. I have previously worked close with customers and have experience helping them with their needs and problems. If I am accepted for this position I will strive to complete any task that I am given to the best of my ability.
I am available for work on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Institute                       Date                           Subject                                              Grades

Henley College            2007-2009                National diploma in                       Distinction, Distinction,
Coventry                                                          Photography                                   Distinction

Numeracy                                        Level 2

Literacy                                            Level 2

I.C.T                                                  Level 2

Coventry university    2009- present          Photography BA Degree              N/A

Employment History
Company                                                         Title                                          Start                                    End

The Range Coventry                                      Sales assistant                        2010                                   2011
Austin drive
Courthouse Green

Name                                                                Job title                                   Contact Information

James Noble                                                    Store manager                       02476667309
The Range Coventry
Austin drive
Courthouse Green

Hannah Carter                                                Lecturer                                   02476626300
Henley College Coventry
Henley Road

Hobbies and Interests
My favourite hobby is working on my photography in my spare time by going out on shoots around the city and researching new photographers. I also enjoy socialising with my friends, reading and working on my course work for my photography degree.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Louise Greer


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