I have enjoyed this project and I feel that I have achieved what I set out to achieve. I have created a strong set of images that I am very pound of and a good book to accompany the work.

If I could do this project again, I think the only thing I’d really change is parts of my book, there were a few faults with it that I had no time to change before submission. I would have preferred it to be a hard back book instead, and there were a few printing mistakes such as the one page in italic due to the formatting issue I had when using the lulu site and I have also noticed a couple of grammar mistakes. Though this can’t be fixed before the submission it can be fixed before the exhibition and I see no reason why I can’t / shouldn’t fix it. The module may be over but this project is not and I intend on continuing with it beyond university. So I Have already ordered a new hard back book with the revisions that are needed for the exhibition its self.

This issue has taught me a lesson for the future, be prepared always make sure you have enough time to fix any mistakes, such as print errors of a damaged frame , which is another issue that has happened to one of my small frames that hold my text. From the time it got from my house to university the glass got chipped.

I am also quite lucky with the fact that my project has not had to change much from beginning to end as my feedback has been good. The only thing that changed is my text is no longer on mount board but now in frames as we were told that we cannot put anything sticky on the gallery wall.

On refection I feel this Project has been a success. This project was an idea that I had floating in my head since before the beginning of the 3rd year and I am grateful that I finally had a chance to do it. I am also happy that I had the confidence to put this idea forward as my final project, to do something that I am truly passionate about instead of playing it safe like I have done in the past By photographing fashion, street photography or architecture, thinking that my love of wildlife photographers was in some way not expectable and I should do something similar to everyone else.

Though this Project has been part of my University degree, in truth did it for me, to give myself that confidence and to give myself the chance to explore a field that I have always wanted to.


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