Image order for book and exhibition

I have decided on an order for my images ,

Alphabetical , though not the most imaginative order for a set of images , when it comes to this project it makes sense. My book is supposed to be a academic book and with in these types of books the images wouldn’t be ordered based on aesthetics.

So for my book the images will be in this order,

Amur leopard , Amur Tiger , Asian Elephant , Asian leopard , Barn Owl , Black and white ruffed lemur , Black Tailed prairie Dog , Blue and Yellow Macaw , Derbyan Parakeet , Flamingo ,  Geoffrey’s Tufted-Eared Marmoset , Humboldt Penguin , Meerkat , Patagonian Sea Lion, Red Ruffed Lemur,  Yellow mongoose , Wild cat , Spectacled owl, Ural Owl and the West African Long tailed Horn Bill.

And for my Exhibition the order will be

Amur Tiger, Asian elephant , Black and white ruffed lemur , Geoffreys’s Tuffed – Eared Marmoset and then the Ural owl.


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