Book – Fonts

As Harry suggested , iv had a play around with the fonts that lulu can use

These are the only 5 fonts that don’t look either a bit cartoony or like I am trying to hard to make my text look fancy ( example old fashion scroll type text)

I don’t particularly like the Ariel fonts of the Century Gothic because the are fonts that are used to much , like Times New Roman.

I do on the other hand quite like Bembo and Gramond , they both look crisp and professional, like what you would see in an academic book which is the type of look I am going for. In truth they also remind me of the type of text created by type writers.

I have decided to go with the Bembo , though I like Garamond , Bembo is slightly thinner / crisper and has a tad more elegance to it.

The title of each page ( the name of the animal ) is in bold and a size 14 so it stands out

The scientific name of each animal (second line) is a size 12 and in the normal format , I originally wanted this in italics BUT everytime I do that all the text below it goes Italic as well no matter what I do .

For the rest of the text , the subject (ex Habitat) are in bold to highlight what each section is about with the rest in normal format. All of this text is in size 12. I normally prefer size 10 but I didn’t want the viewer to have to strain to see my text  and any bigger the text wouldn’t be able to fit on the page.



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