Ordering from the print space

I decided after we visited the print space in London that , that would be where I was ordering my prints from , I loved their C-type Matt prints and found them to be a good price price , especially since I don’t need to have them mounted or framed there.


Ordering prints is pretty simple for which I am glad , the first stage is to upload them on to the Print Space server.




The next stage is to choose the size  your prints, type of print (  C – type Matt ) and whether you need mounting / framing , I deliberately sized my images in Photoshop at 12×16 before I uploaded them , that way they didn’t have to be cropped when printed and I didn’t have to re size them at this stage. Also it meant I knew exactly what my image would look like when it was printed , so no nasty surprises.

I then clicked select all images , which applied my settings to all my images m which saved me from doing it manually.


The details of my order and the price are shown here ( above ),


I then had a choice of delivery methods , so I chose one of the quickest options to make sure that they arrived in plenty of time , just in case there was a print mistake and needed to be re-ordered.

An invoice was then directly sent to my -mail address.




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