Planed layout for exhibition – feed back

Here is a mock up of my planned layout prepared for my mentor presentation on the 9th.

As already mention in past post and in my proposal I will have my 5 images on the wall equally spaced apart , with the correct text from the book next to it.

And underneath I will have my book placed on a table for the viewers too look through.

I originally had planned to have my portfolio on the table as well but I have decided against this as it may distract from this work by giving the viewer to much to look at.


I received good feed back on my planned  presentation , though when I mentioned that the text would be on mount board , Harry suggested that this may look a bit “studenty” which in fairness I agree with , so harry suggested that I look into a form of see through stickers that could be placed on the wall instead.

Paul also suggested that I go to Gregg and see if I can get a plinth made as the university had just had a delivery of wood in , Small problem though the wood is not for photography so Gregg has said he will try and make it possible but if not he has a small black table that would work well for me , I am now just waiting for him to get back to me with the measurements.




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