Book Layout – Feed back from mentor .

Here is a basic layout of how my book is going to look,which was prepared for my presentation to my mentor Harry Hardie on the 9th of may

Text on the left and image on the right

The text isn’t perfect but It gives the general gist of what I will be putting.

Harry liked the layout , but he suggest that I experiment with different types of font , as here I just used the bog basic Times New Roman  , He also suggested  making sure that the term ” Scientific Classification” is actually the correct term or simply placing the Scientific name of each species just under its common name.

The changes I know that I’m making ,

– changing the format of the book to landscape so the image can be larger

– adding more text , perhaps adding diet , wing span for the birds and Height.

– I also need to make sure that the phrase “habitat” is the correct term


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