Mike Rosenthal

Mike Rosenthal is a modern day fashion photographer whose work I have got familiar with over the past two years while watching America’s next top model, he is a regular photographer on there so I was able to see a good range of his photographs.

The main work of his I saw before researching into him were his fashion photographs for ANTM these were all very unusual photographs with unusual themes shot in beautiful and abstract colours.

I find these photographs very enjoyable to veiw as the stand out and have the in your face WOW factor but after researching him I found that I liked his portraits more.

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They are very simple and are shat in a fashion that reminds me of Richard Avedon which I love the photographs are strong in there simplicity and capture the subjects beauty without over doing it and making the subject and there appearance look fake. I am also a big fane of black and white portraits because of the lovely tonal range that happens when photographing a face in black and white it also to me gives the idea of old fashioned beauty when shot in this format. Rosenthal seem to manage to keep the Avedon style in colour as well which to me is quite an achievement.


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