Professional Practice Portfolio Reflection

Professional Practice Portfolio Reflection

My first and main role in the degree show was a shared role between myself and two other members of the group, to act as a liaison between our group and a team of 2nd year graphic designs from whose task was to design the cover of our exhibition catalogue. This role involved communicating both graphic design student’s ideas about how the catalogue should be designed and the photography student’s ideas to both parties to reach a design that both parties were happy with. This role meant using and developing my communication skills both in person and threw social media and my organizing skills as it was a difficult task to arrange a time where both we and the graphics design team were both available for a meeting.

Other small and shared roles that I had were providing work that could be published on the EXPOSURE24 website, which would then be used to promote our exhibition. Though this was a simple task as we would already be producing images, so it would be no extra work , it did mean working to a time limit which being organized.

The other was to set up the gallery ready for the exhibition this is where we had to prime our individual spaces, by sanding and painting the walls, and then mark up and hang our work. To do this I had to draw on my communication skills and my abilities to work within a team as I had to explain the layout of my work so it could be decided where I would be placed. I also had to draw on my limited DIY skills as we were hanging our work independently.  This was a challenge that ended up in one of my frames falling from the wall and the glass and frame breaking. Thankfully I had a spare frame that I could use. This role has taught me to be flexible and always have a backup plan as things can and will go wrong. It also taught me that all skills are valuable.

My final role for the exhibition was to curate the exhibition for a day, I was there to welcome the guests and pass out information about the work and photographers.

I feel I have played a part this exhibition, that I have risen to the challenges that have been given and I am happy with what I have achieved. I do wish I had done more but I recognised early on that most of the roles that need to be filled were based around using design software and social media. These are not my strengths and though I would have loved to have expanded on them, I felt that I could have let the exhibition down which would have not been fair to the rest of the group.

Now that my university life is over and I have gained these skills it is time to start planning for my future.

My goal for the future career is to become a self-employed wildlife photographer but I have also wanted to teach photography since I began college. I also plan to study a masters in Photography. I feel that this next six months is the time to prepare and research how to achieve these goals.

My first action is to sign on to jobseekers and attempt to find a stable job that will help me save for the future but will also give me the funds to live. Though I will most likely not get photography related career through this any work experience is valuable. I am already adding to my work experience by volunteering in a local charity shop.

I will also be sending my portfolio to the contacts mentioned in my distribution plan. This may not land me a job but I will hopefully get some feedback on my work and how I could improve and it may enable me to get some contacts in the industry.

As I want to study a Masters in the future I will spend time researching Master degrees in Photography or perhaps even Photo-Journalism. This will possess me with the knowledge of what my option are in terms of courses and locations and any other qualifications I may need  to be accepted onto a Masters degree.

If I am to teach Photography, I need to contact colleges and schools to see if they have any positions available and what qualifications I would need.  As I went to Henley College Coventry I Have researched this previously, though they have no vacancies at the moment, I have the qualifications I need and the college allows you to do a teaching qualification while teaching.

I want to be self-employed in the future, I know it is nearly impossible to be successfully self-employed and rely on it to be your sole source of income this soon out of university but this does not mean that I cannot be self-employed part time. I will be researching how to start my own business with a fellow photographer, enquiring about possible studio space to rent and the cost of a travel studio kit so If we cannot find a space to rent we can travel with the portable studio to clients homes or to locations.

By the two month mark, I plan to be active looking for work and beginning to save for future photography equipment I will need and begun to research how to achieve my future goals.

At four months I hope to have perfected my portfolio and sent it off to my chosen contacts.

By the time I have been out of university for 6 months, I hope I will have a secure job that provides a regular income but allows me two days a week to focus on my photographic practice.  By this stage I will have a clear Idea of my options in terms of starting my own business, the possibility of teaching and going on to study my Masters.


Distribution/Dissemination Plan

My portfolio could be sent to a range of people and places. Magazines such a National Geographic and Wildlife UK that regularly feature work featuring captive wildlife from new photographers. Wildlife charities both minor and well known such as WWF and Green Peace use images of captive wildlife within their advertisements and on their website. Of course other photographers may be interested in my work and perhaps galleries that have a future wildlife photography exhibition planned. Finally my work could be distributed to the general public to promote my work and generate interest in my future projects.

With my Portfolio being in the PDF format Helps with distributing my portfolio it will enable me to send it through email and put in on many social media platforms , such as my WordPress blog , Facebook page for my photography , Twitter and my future website.

My plan now is to place my PDF portfolio on the many forms of social media that I have mentioned and the research how to send my images to my chosen organizations and charities. Find the contact details for photographers that I wish to see my work and look out for any up and coming wildlife exhibitions or competition that I can enter to attempt to get some promotion for my work.

Pdf Portfolio

Here is the portfolio of my work

lgreer photography portfolio

Though I have been involved in many genres of photography including , fashion, street, architecture ect , I plan becoming a professional wild life photographer there for I have to market my self as such. So my portfolio contain my work from my most recent project from my exhibition “Already Lost” and my work experience while volunteering with AWF.

I can see the advantage of having a PDF as a portfolio , it can be sent threw email , printed , deployed on social media and on to websites and blogs. It is also easier to edit depending on what type of job I am looking to get , pages can be quickly added/ deleted / altered  to create a whole new portfolio or just simply tweaked.

I wantes my portfolio to be clean and simple but not to boring I have added borders to each page to stop the plain white background from being to boring and have chosen two fonts that go well with each other and are not the standard Time New Roman or Ariel as these are seen way to often.

I did toy with the Idea of adding colour but I personally fell this is slight “cheesy” and as  my images are very colourful there was not a colour that would suit all of my images so I would have to use a different colour on each page which i would not have like because I want to keep a sense of uniformity in my portfolio.

For my borders I used diffenrent shades of grey in an alternating patten , I believe this works better that a stark contrasting black border and creates that sense of uniformity that I was after .

up-dated cv

Here is my up-dated CV during my feedback Jacquie suggested a few changes. Change personal statement to include that I am a photographer. Education should go first with the most recent at the top. There is no need to have my past works addresses just my role and description and take off references.

I have once again chosen not to have my contact number on the cv for my blog but it will be on the printed version.



Louise Karen Greer

Contact number goes here

Personal statement

I am a passionate photographer with a love for wildlife and I use my practice to show this love to the viewer. Though I have a passion for wildlife I also enjoy work within the studio and on location. I work to produce high standard images. I am always open to new experiences, challenges and eager to learn new skills.


Coventry University 2009 – 2012

BA Honours in Photography

Henley College Coventry

BTEC National Diplompa in Photography – D,D,D

BTEC First Diploma in Media – Distinction

Woodway Park School



The Atlantic Whale Foundation

While volunteering with the charity Atlantic Whale Foundation, I gained valuable work experience as a photographer, working for a client and with other practitioners. I also gained new skills by photographing animals in the wild learning to anticipate their movements and gained knowledge of how my images could be used in the field of conservation.


Working at Ellison’s, photographing their beauty products for the company’s website. I gained valuable experience working for a client and working to a brief. I also learned how to communicate my ideas to a client and receive and adapt to their feedback to create work that met their needs.

The Range

My experience at The Range, helped me develop my general people and problem solving skills  as my role as floor and till staff involved me talking to and helping customers with their problems. I also learnt more about working with in a team to achieve a goal (daily sales goal) but also working independently, solving problems on my own and relying on my own initiative to help the store run smoothly.



Experienced with range of digital and analogue cameras, versed in a variety of software including, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, video editing software such as final cut pro and Adobe premiere. I can work within a team and individually. I have had experience setting up two exhibitions and presenting to an audience.

Personal Achievements


Exhibition Lanchester Galllery , Coventry

An exhibit of the final work from the student at Coventry University. My Wildlife project Already Lost was displayed for the duration of the 9 day exhibition that I helped put up. My work was well received and I was able to sell some prints.

Exhibition Fishbone Gallery, Coventry

My first exhibition that my work was displayed in and that I help set up. The work that was shown was from my Final Major Project “cathedral’s” that I created during college.

References available on request

Setting up the Gallery

Over the past two days ( wednesday\thursday) we have been preparing the gallery for our exhibition. It began on wednesday with the task of sanding down the walls and painting the walls with two fresh coats of white paint. This took longer than expected as we noticed that not only the false walls needed new paint but the actual walls of the gallery as we could see that the top half of the walls had been painted with a darker shade nearer to grey than white but the bottom was very white. We then moved on to deciding where every one would go. Though we already had a scale model of the gallery and thought it was sorted some members of the group had not been able to provide scale models of there work so there were surprises when the real thing turned up. Also the false walls ( which my work is on )that were placed in the gallery were different to what we expected. We originally thought that each wall would be one solid wall but we found that in reality the wall was really to small walls placed next to each other with a gap in-between. My work was originally going to be my 5 images but as one would have to be laying over the gap , it was decided that I would but it down to four images and have two above the other two images , with two images on each wall ( image below) though I was sad to loose an image, I was lucky enough to be moved from my original place near the back of the gallery to the front near the door. Which means my work will be one of the first to be seen. After everything was decided and the paint was dry we cleaned the floor and began bringing our work in for the next day.


Thursday is when the hanging began and the stress mounted. We started my marking the wall with pencil to indicate where are images need to go and then began to hang our work. After this the day became very stressful , as my frames did not come with mirror plates only hooks on the back I was unsure on how to hand them as I didn’t think a simple nail in the wall would be secure enough so I decided to do what a lot of others were doing in the group and use Velcro that attaches to the wall and on the back of the frame.Small problem here my frames were very heavy so this ended with my first frame falling off the wall and smashing onto another frame. The frame of the fist image split into and the glass in the second was destroyed , After a second of pure panic I released I had a spare frame due to removing one of my images , so I had a replacement frame and glass. After a failed attempt to drill mirror plates into my frame , I began to panic more so I called in my partner, with his help we decided to go with the original nail in the wall idea but using three to make it more secure. I marked the wall and he hung by the end of the day my wall was complete as you can see from the images below.


Here is the time lapse from start to finish of installing the exhibition.


And here is my space. I am very happy with the result , it was a good experience and and I learned some valuable skills but I think in

the future I will not beattemptingthis on my own and make sure I can get help from someone who knows what they are doing.


Here is my old CV ( I can’t get the formatting correct when using wordpress ) , Sadly I missed the CV tutorial this week , which would have been very helpfull so I will do some research on C.Vs and I have also sent my C.V over to Liz Hollins for assessment and hopefully she can suggest some changes.

I have removed , my contact details ( phone number and address) for the blog version , though its great on a cv its not something I want on my.


Louise Karen Greer

Address: ################
Landline:  ########
Mobile: ##########

Personal statement
I am a hard working and a punctual person that can work well within teams and on my own. I enjoy gaining new experiences and adapting to new situations. I have previously worked close with customers and have experience helping them with their needs and problems. If I am accepted for this position I will strive to complete any task that I am given to the best of my ability.
I am available for work on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Institute                       Date                           Subject                                              Grades

Henley College            2007-2009                National diploma in                       Distinction, Distinction,
Coventry                                                          Photography                                   Distinction

Numeracy                                        Level 2

Literacy                                            Level 2

I.C.T                                                  Level 2

Coventry university    2009- present          Photography BA Degree              N/A

Employment History
Company                                                         Title                                          Start                                    End

The Range Coventry                                      Sales assistant                        2010                                   2011
Austin drive
Courthouse Green

Name                                                                Job title                                   Contact Information

James Noble                                                    Store manager                       02476667309
The Range Coventry
Austin drive
Courthouse Green

Hannah Carter                                                Lecturer                                   02476626300
Henley College Coventry
Henley Road

Hobbies and Interests
My favourite hobby is working on my photography in my spare time by going out on shoots around the city and researching new photographers. I also enjoy socialising with my friends, reading and working on my course work for my photography degree.

I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Louise Greer


I have enjoyed this project and I feel that I have achieved what I set out to achieve. I have created a strong set of images that I am very pound of and a good book to accompany the work.

If I could do this project again, I think the only thing I’d really change is parts of my book, there were a few faults with it that I had no time to change before submission. I would have preferred it to be a hard back book instead, and there were a few printing mistakes such as the one page in italic due to the formatting issue I had when using the lulu site and I have also noticed a couple of grammar mistakes. Though this can’t be fixed before the submission it can be fixed before the exhibition and I see no reason why I can’t / shouldn’t fix it. The module may be over but this project is not and I intend on continuing with it beyond university. So I Have already ordered a new hard back book with the revisions that are needed for the exhibition its self.

This issue has taught me a lesson for the future, be prepared always make sure you have enough time to fix any mistakes, such as print errors of a damaged frame , which is another issue that has happened to one of my small frames that hold my text. From the time it got from my house to university the glass got chipped.

I am also quite lucky with the fact that my project has not had to change much from beginning to end as my feedback has been good. The only thing that changed is my text is no longer on mount board but now in frames as we were told that we cannot put anything sticky on the gallery wall.

On refection I feel this Project has been a success. This project was an idea that I had floating in my head since before the beginning of the 3rd year and I am grateful that I finally had a chance to do it. I am also happy that I had the confidence to put this idea forward as my final project, to do something that I am truly passionate about instead of playing it safe like I have done in the past By photographing fashion, street photography or architecture, thinking that my love of wildlife photographers was in some way not expectable and I should do something similar to everyone else.

Though this Project has been part of my University degree, in truth did it for me, to give myself that confidence and to give myself the chance to explore a field that I have always wanted to.